Logan's filmmaking career began in the 5th grade when he joined the school news team and developed a passion for cinematography. In high school Logan became the senior director of the school news team and shot/edited dozens of school films, commercials, several freelance professional commercials, and hundreds of daily news shows all before going on to earn his bachelors degreeā€™s in Film Studies and Broadcasting.

Since then Logan has produced, shot, and edited dozens of short films, including Retribution, Shotgun, and Shotgun 2, all of which won many awards at the 180 Film Festival including best cinematography and best editing. Logan has also served as a Gaffer on various major productions, including Southeastern's feature film Roundhousen's Roast. As an undergrad, Logan even worked part-time at Hollywood Rentals in Orlando, FL in order to perfect the use of all equipment used on set.

Upon entering into the professional world of filmmaking Logan has made various narrative features and shorts, music videos, and commercials. Logan has a great amount of experience, talent, and passion for filmmaking and continuously seeks perfection in all of the images he creates. Logan constantly strives to stay up to date with all the technology of filmmaking from the most current lighting equipment to the latest high-resolution digital cameras from Arri, RED, and Sony. Logan also maintains a healthy working relationship with various rental houses.

Logan works diligently and efficiently while also maintaining a pleasant work environment and is based in Los Angeles, CA but is available for hire throughout the country.